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How to Store Your Vibrators

How to Store Your Vibrators

How to Store Your Vibrators

By Ekaterina Mironova

It's very important to store your vibrators in a safe and secure place not only to keep them away from prying eyes and curious pets but also to enable them to continue to function for as long as possible. Every vibrator comes with its own lifespan with higher cost alternatives designed to outlive lower cost options but how long the vibrator can remain fully operational for also depends on how well you look after it. Storing it correctly is a good way to begin. Here are a number of important things that you should know about how to store your vibrator.


It's important to store your vibrating toys in a place that is dry and dark. Good examples include in a drawer, in a wardrobe or in a shoebox. Before placing your vibrator in any of these places you should first wrap it in something soft or put it in its own individual bag. The soft material should be free from lint in order to prevent lint particles from sticking to your more porous vibrators such as those made from jelly rubber. If your vibrator comes with a padded velvet storage pouch then use this in order to protect it. Soft organza drawstring bags can also be good for storage. Plastic bags can be used but more porous materials shouldn't be placed in them otherwise they could stick to their insides and become difficult to remove. The key thing is to ensure that your vibrator doesn't come into contact with any sharp edges as this may cause it long term damage.

Try to keep your vibrators stored at room temperature. Getting them too hot or too cold could result in a loss of functionality either temporarily or on a permanent basis.


You should always avoid storing your vibrator in direct sunlight as this could lead to the colours of the vibrator fading. It could also lead to the degradation of some materials. You should steer clear of anywhere that's moist because if moisture gets into the battery compartment your toy could cease to work permanently. Dampness can also be a breeding ground for all sorts of potentially harmful germs and bacteria which could create pain in your erogenous zones.

Do not store different vibrators together as a number of sex toy materials don't mix well together. For example, some vibrators can cause discoloration if they are placed together. Surface staining or marking can also be triggered. Likewise some vibrators that are made of the same materials should not be placed together - silicone vibrators should avoid contact with other toys and vibrators made out of silicone because they will denigrate and result in the vibrator losing its shape. Which brings us nicely onto the batteries

Battery Removal

You should ensure that you remove the batteries after each use as they could either corrode or leak battery acids if left in your toys for long periods of time. This will also ensure that your vibrator will not operate if it gets accidentally turned on therefore preventing the battery life from draining and stopping additional wear and tear to the motor. When adding your batteries back into your vibrator again you should ensure that they are securely tightened back into the battery chamber before use to safeguard against them accidentally coming into contact with your erogenous zones.

Now you know the fundamentals when it comes to storing your vibrators safely. If you want to find out about how to clean your vibrator, then read our guide.

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