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You are familiar with the magic wand if you have heard of sex toys. What would a man do with a sex toy? The first magic wand was not made for vaginal stimulation, but it still gave way to the sex toy industry. However, the idea behind this tool was completely different; this tool was made to be used as a personal therapeutic massager. It still serves the same purpose to men keen on their relaxation and health needs.

Some people are aware that vibrators get the job done for sex toys. They give you toe-curling, back-arching, and life-changing orgasms. You are in for a rude shock if you think women only use that vibrator wands. However, people are not only talking about a sex toy but also a therapeutic wand. There is only one name, The Hitachi Wand, when talking about wands for men. Also dubbed the magic wand, the Hitachi Wand has a great reason for its popularity in the industry. The magic wand is your masseuse working at your command. It provides powerful and penetrating vibrations. With this tool, you are assured of explosive pleasures you won't get anywhere else. Its design is eye-appealing that you won't overlook it on the shelves. This article will give you enough reason to get yourself a wand. 

About The Hitachi Magic Wand 

According to Rullo et al. (2018), the Hitachi magic wand is an AC-powered wand vibrator. The primary idea behind manufacturing this wand was to relieve tension and relax sore muscles. However, it is popular in the sex toy industry. The name originates from Japan, manufactured but mostly used in the United States. In women, a Hitachi wand serves as a clitoral stimulator to give them explosive orgasms, as Agoos (2020) suggested. The wand is 12 inches long and weighs 1.2 pounds. Its stimulation stretches up to2.5 inches (the head).

The Cordless Magic Wand 

The Hitachi magic wand has an ergonomic suitable hold design. It is a functional fit with four deep and powerful vibration speeds from low to high and five exciting vibrating modes. The rechargeable battery only takes three hours to charge fully, and your partner is assured of long-lasting power. The Hitachi magic wand is a must-have personal massager for every bedroom.  

However, if you are impatient and can't wait for it to charge, the Hitachi magic wand has you covered. It is as opposed to the original version, which hard a cord, and you could only use it when it is plugged in. It was the best improvement in the toy as time went by. However, nothing changed in power and intensity from the original to the new cordless version. Its exclusive plug-and-play feature will come in handy when your battery is flat, but you want to explore your pleasures. 

The Quality Of The Magic Wand 

In marketing, the advertisement rule states it is not about the number of times you run ads; it's about the impression you leave on them. While in the market for about 53 years, the Hitachi magic wand has always left an impression on people. The company's reputation of using high-quality products to produce a personal massager to withstand the test of time is still true. The Hitachi magic wand can alone claim to be the highest quality, safest personal massager. It surpassed the safety standards of many countries, including the United States and Australia, proving that it is certainly a great investment. This assures that there will be a constant supply of the popular personal pleasure, relaxation, and therapy wand. 

The True Pleasure Of The Magic Wand 

The magic wand has competitors in the market equally powerful. What makes it special is that, unlike any other massager, the Hitachi magic wand is designed with tuned frequency vibrations, guaranteed to supply deep, infiltrating, and intense full-body pleasure, as Maxwell (2013) revealed. During massage with the Hitachi magic wand, it is recommended that you use massage oil or any other moisture oil or water-based lube. This guarantees you pleasure and sensations like no other.

A Therapeutic Massager 

According to Szeifert  (2007), the Hitachi magic wand is safe and approved as a therapeutic medical massage device. The design itself is a pro as the Hitachi magic wand gives vibrations to be at the correct hertz(Hz) and frequency so that they infiltrate deep, offering pain relief and relaxation.

The main idea behind the Hitachi magic wand was to relieve tension and relax muscles. The magic wand can come in handy in relieving muscle pains from exercise or injury. It can also help relieve joint pain caused by arthritis, swelling, or limited blood supply due to injury or other medical conditions. The magic wand is just the tool for faster injury recovery. However, if you have suffered an injury, don't be too quick to use the wand. Instead, first, seek medical conditions to determine whether it is advisable to use them on injured tissues and their advantages and disadvantages.


Some women believe the Hitachi magic wand is a sex toy, and people know now that this was not its primary objective. Therapeutically it serves as a tension revealer and a massager to relax muscles. Whether you decide to use it either as a sex toy or a massager is up to you. The Hitachi magic wand rechargeable will give you all-over-body pleasures as your masseuse and those explosive toe-curling orgasms as a sex toy. As a man, don't be afraid to go and get this personal masseuse for your relaxation needs. Life strikes with difficulties without notice. Therefore, it is useful to have self-care practices that establish a baseline of ease and reliable way of managing stress and the perks that it comes with. Women should embrace this sex toy to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm instead of most men using it. Explore different magic wands to improve your sex life and strengthen the bond in your relationship.


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