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Small Vibrators Can Hit The Spot As Well

Small Vibrators Can Hit The Spot As Well

Small Vibrators Can Hit The Spot As Well

By Ekaterina Mironova

If you've been considering a vibrator and have never used one, there's no reason to be nervous. Newcomers may feel more comfortable starting out with small vibrators in the beginning just to experience the exquisite sensations of these vibes.

What Small Vibrators Can Do for You

Small vibrators can be used just like their larger counterparts. They come in all types of shapes, textures, designs, colors and price points. Many women use these vibrators either alone during masturbation or during sex with a partner. Since they vibrate, when you place them against or near your private parts such as your clitoris, you'll begin to feel a super intense feeling of direct stimulation that will make more blood flow to your genital area.

The pleasure will start to come the specific ways that you hold, turn, push, and manipulate the small vibrator. Some women enjoy keeping it pressed against either the tip or base of their clitoris for extended periods of time and just relaxing back on the bed to enjoy the delightful pleasure sensations, while other women prefer to perform more of a tickling and release motion to often achieve a more intense effect that can usually result in an intense orgasm.

Small vibrators are easier to hold and manipulate in only one hand than larger ones. They don't slip out of your grip as easily, and they can even be lubed up with certain sex toy lubrication that can greatly enhance the pleasurable sexual stimulation. Some of these small vibes are even waterproof and so can be used in the shower or bathtub without any harmful affect to their surface material. The most exciting fact with these vibrators is that sexual stimulation either with or without a partner is always available right in the privacy of your own bedroom. You'll simply need some batteries to operate them.

Where to Buy Them Discreetly

Many online companies as well as brick-and-mortar locations such as upscale, romantic sex toy supply shops allow you to confidentially purchase these products. They come delivered from certain websites in plain, unmarked packages, and they're usually billed on your credit card statement with an innocuous and bland company name so no one who reads the statement can actually tell exactly what you ordered, if you're still embarrassed with the fact that you bought a small vibrator.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you use a small vibrator, the better you'll become at precisely locating the specific spots that enable you to derive the most intense moments of sexual gratification. Most people who first use them continue to do so on a regular basis because they're so enjoyable and easy to use.