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People always want to make their sex life exciting. That is why vibrators were invented. Herein is about vibrators for me and how to find the right ones, including; the price, size, fun, adventure, and place to buy.

Normal sex can be boring. What happens when you are in the mood to have sex but do not have a partner? Do you sit and fantasize? Try to get yourself a vibrator that will spice up your sex life. Picking the right one might seem difficult for you. since this is your first time thinking about the idea, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of options you will have or which one is the best for you. You might have tried googling the best ones, but it seems you are spoilt for choice, or they may not have been helpful with what you have in mind. The following tips will help you know if you have found the right now;


you need to decide on the amount you are willing to spend on the vibrator before going into a store to buy one. Cheap can be expensive. They may not be safe with the body, or they may be small for you to hold. You may get one that is weak and will break in no time, making you budget for another one. That doesn't mean that the expensive ones are the ones that are of high quality. They may be overpriced. Try and find one that is of average pay. Some of them are safe and made of good material. They are pleasurable. The best ones are the ones made of silicone.


Ensure to find the right size of a vibrator to fit your anus. Find one that you feel will work great for you. The size of the vibrator is always personal. You are the one who will choose it according to your preference. However, when you are new to vibrators, and this is the first time you are planning to use the vibrator, it is advisable that you use flexible and the ones that are not too big. Something that can be great when having penetrative sex. Sometimes people choose a portable vibrator; hence it can be carried without anyone suspecting they have it.

Fun And Features

When you hear about the vibrators, you may think they are only about vibrations. This is not the case. When shopping for a vibrator, you should focus on its features. You may buy one because you know it is a vibrator, and later you discover that you cannot use it when in water. However, if you want to buy a vibrator that should perform various functions, you should look for the one with fun and exciting features. The waterproof vibrator is the best one. You can bring it in the shower when you feel like masturbating or having sex with your partner.

Place To Buy

Gone are the days when people hid in hoodies and went to the corner shop in the streets to buy sex toys. Some people felt awkward having discussions with the shop attendants on what type of vibrator they wanted. The fear and shame of other people's opinions took their toll. The advancement of technology has made it easier for us to order stuff online and pay upon delivery. However, if shame blocks you from buying the vibrator, the online stores would come in handy, as Döring & Pöschl (2018) suggested. The best thing about these online stores is that you can avoid awkward talks, choose the one you like, and there will be no one to shame you.

Some online stores or companies also package vibrators well so that people do not know that they are sex toys when they get delivered to your house. They can deliver it to your doorstep. Some vendors have tried going the extra mile to make them in designs that no one would suspect that they are sex toys. Therefore, people who have snoopy family members are sorted. Consider buying your vibrator online to stimulate your erogenous zones and have mind-blowing orgasms. You now have no excuse not to buy one.


You must pick and buy a vibrator that is body-friendly and safe. Your skin, especially the sex region, is a sensitive part of the body. The best material for one to choose is the one that is made of silicone. Avoid vibrators that are made of rubber or plastic. According to Rullo et al. (2018), a silicone vibrator is the best because it is easy to clean and safe. They are also soft on the skin. They do not easily harbor germs causing infections.

According to Herbenick et al. (2011), you should know that a silicone vibrator should be used with water-based lubricants. However, if you use the silicone-based lube, it will likely interfere with the surface of the vibrator. There are also expensive metal vibrators like gold and silver. They can be safe, but they tend to be hard on your wallet and skin.


There are many types of vibrators. Some can be used for masturbation or during oral sex. Some can be used during sex with your partner. The different types can be broken down into; anal, penis-focused, and prostate massagers. The latter ones and the anal vibrators are the same. However, the prostate massager is curved to massage and rub the prostrates. The penis-focused vibrator goes round and penis shaft. They aim to stimulate the men's feelings during penetrative sex or masturbating. It is ultimately your choice. Try and choose the one that you feel will work best for you. Choose the one you want to major in depending on the part of the body you want to stimulate. Ensure to wash your vibrator after use to avoid curbing germs causing infections. Store your vibrator in a cool and dry place to avoid catching molds. According to Miranda et al. (2019), use lubes when masturbating with a vibrator to experience smooth penetration. It is all upon you. Go forth and buy your vibrator. Get to experience the exciting sensational feeling you will get.


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