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What Are the Different Types of Vibrators? Vibrators Buying Guide

What Are the Different Types of Vibrators? Vibrators Buying Guide

What Are the Different Types of Vibrators? Vibrators Buying Guide

By Elena Ognivtseva

There are hundreds of vibrator sex toys to choose from today. They come in many sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and multiple vibrating options. Which one is right for you and can lead you to orgasms is very much a personal choice. The reviews below are intended to review the options available and help you rate what's important to you to choose a vibrator.

NOTE: sex toys are most enjoyable when used with a lubricant. Learn more about lubricants at: "Using the right lubricant"

Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators (such as the famous Hitachi Magic Wand) are designed as body massagers with a long handle, they are exceptionally well made and they plug into the wall so you never have to worry about batteries running down. So, not only can you enjoy them as a sex toy, they are also perfect for tired muscles.

Wand vibrators have very intense vibration. Wands have circular heads, best used for external genital stimulation. However, a variety of protruding attachments can be purchased for them that fit over the head for vaginal or anal entry. Most popular examples: Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

Classic Vibrators

These “cylinder” vibrators come in various lengths. These sex toys are made of plastic and can be a bit noisy, they look like a small rocket ship. The mini versions are very popular, often called pocket rockets. They can really help you take off! Most popular examples: Pearlessence Wand 7.5”, Magic Power Vibe 8," Waterproof Mini Mite 4".

Multi-Stimulation Vibrators

With their unique properties, these vibrator sex toys have become the most popular type of vibrator. The long, phallic, vibrating shafts [often with a g-spot curve] penetrate the vagina, while simultaneously a clitoral stimulator vibe acts independently, with separate controls. Additionally, the shaft has beads that rotate for additional stimulation of the vaginal lips. As if that wasn't enough stimulation, the shafts on many of these vibes rotate and twist for g-spot stimulation and general wild motion. The protruding, independent clitoral stimulators usually look like animals: rabbit vibrator, beaver, bear, or kangaroo. Some of these vibrators, like the Impulse Crystal Wand Vibrator have various types of vibration: pulsing, increasing, alternating, etc. Many women claim the most intense orgasms of their life with these multi-stimualting vibrators. If you like lots of stimulation in lots of different areas, you’ve found your vibrator in this review.

The Japanese vibrators are pricey, but the silicone material and quality workmanship is outstanding. Most popular examples: Japanese Rabbit Habit (featured on HBOs "Sex and the City"), iVibe, or the less expensive Jack Rabbit Vibrator.

Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof vibrator sex toys have become increasingly popular. Who doesn’t love playing in the bath, at the beach or in the Jacuzzi. Now you can bring your water-friendly vibrator along, and have MUCH more fun! Many shapes and materials are available. Most popular examples: Mini Mite 4" Waterproof Vibrator, Waterproof Rabbit multi-stimulation vibrator and I Rub My Duckie Waterproof Massager.

G-Spot Vibrator

Difficult to reach and mysterious, the G-Spot can now be accessed by a woman with specially curved vibrators. These vibrator sex toys are similar to 'classic vibes' but offer a curved tip with a long shaft; so that, once inserted, a woman can reach the G-Spot on the upper wall in her vagina.

Vibrators made of hard material are best for g-spot stimulation because they don’t bend when inserted in the vagina. Most popular examples: Celebrity Slimline G 7.5” Vibrator, Chasey Slimline G Pleasure Collection, and the Waterproof G-Spot Skinny Mini 4”.

Realistic & Jelly Vibrators

Made to look like a penis, these vibrators are made out of a wide variety of more flexible, or skin-like materials. Some jelly vibrators have veins or ribbing for an even more natural look and feel.

One of our favorite skin-like substances is Cyberskin. While not as intense a vibrator, the Private Members Vibrating Cyberskin Cock Pink 6.5" is a good example of a realistic look and feel vibrator. Or, you can use a Cyberskin Transformers 3" Sleeve, which fits over your classic vibrator to create a real feel.

Flexible jelly vibrators also offer a more skin-like feel than classic vibrators. Most popular examples: Realistic Vibrating Cock 8" or the Jel-Lee Red Vibes 7”.

Bullet (Egg) Vibrators

The unique shape of bullets/egg vibrators make them very versatile. They typically measure only 1 inch by 3 inches, and they’re attached by a small cord to a control unit/battery pack. Made of hard plastic, you can use them externally, insert them into the vagina or into the anus (best to use a condom when using them anally). They allow for more than 1 intensity level and some offer varying types of vibration (pulsating, surging, escalating, and roller coaster).

Some bullet vibrators come with sleeves for the bullet that give a more sensuous feel. Most popular examples: Micro Climaxer V, Evibe Love Bullet [which comes with the real-skin eel of a Cyberskin Sleeve].

Clitoral Vibrators

With their straps that fit like underwear, these clitoral vibrators fit over the clitoris and hold it in place providing hands-free fun. These vibrators can even comfortably be used while having intercourse. They are basically a bullet, with a jelly cover. Most popular examples: Venus Butterfly vibrator, real-feel Cyberskin Clit Climaxer Passion Flower and the Micro Climaxer Butterfly vibrator.

Remote Control Vibrators

What will they think of next? The remote control vibrators can satisfy your kinkier side. These vibrators are fitted into panties without any wires, just press the remote for instant pleasure. Let your lover take charge of the remote and enjoy surprises all night long, when you’re out on the town. You’ll love it! One caution: like most vibrators, if used over an extended period of time, it tends to heat up, so be careful. Most popular examples: Remote Control Butterfly vibrator is great for clitoral stimulation and the Remote Control Black Panty vibrator offers an all around good time.

We hope this helps in your search for more sexual pleasure and fulfillment.