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Your Guide to Using bunny vibrators

Your Guide to Using bunny vibrators

Your Guide to Using bunny vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are very versatile. You can enhance your sex life with this bunny vibrator.  You can use it solo or enjoy it with your partner. This article is a practical guide on how to use bunny vibrators.

Take it slow and enjoy the moment

You may be excited to use it at the highest speed,but I suggest you take it slow. Slow down and enjoy the moment. Put the vibrator to theslowest setting and enjoy a deep and slow orgasm.Always read the instructions andspend some time figuring out how it works and what you like. It's not always about getting a quick orgasm but getting accustomedto your sensual side and experimentingwith different techniques until you find the perfect technique for you.

Get acquainted with the controls

When we get new toys, we are excited to try it out before reading the instructions. Though most toys are intuitive, it's best to get yourself acquainted with the controls. Rabbit vibrators have more buttons than other kinds of vibrators because it has a shaft and a clitoralstimulator, and you can use them independently of each other. Also, they stimulate the G-sot with wave-like motions, so it's essential to know each button and its functions. It can help you find the right combination that's best for you. Read the instructions and spend some time figuring out how it works and what you like.

Use lubricants always

Lubricants make the whole masturbation process easier and more comfortable. You really don't want to be thrusting it without lube.  So, for increased comfort, apply a lubricant that's compatible with the materialof your vibratorand body. If you are unsure of what kind of lubricant to use, you should stick with water-based lubricants. They are universal, and they work well with any material.

Find the right position that suits you

Using a vibrator is not all about inserting it into your vagina, but knowing the rightspots to hit. You have to adjust the toy and place it so it hits the right spot. However, there's no wrong or right when it comes to using a rabbitvibrator. You can use it for anal foreplay,or you grind against it as though you are grinding against a cock. Whatever point you choose, go for it. Most rabbit vibrators are safe for anal foreplay, so if that's your fancy, nothing should stop you. Just ensure you place it at theright spot.

Get it started

After youfigure out the buttons and how they work, the next thing is to turn it on.  You can turn it onand set the controls to your preference. You can start withthe lowest setting and work your way up. Gradually increase the setting to build up your climax.  You can also choose to start anywhere and experiment with different levels. When you find theperfect setting, stick to it.

Do whatever feels good to you

Once you have your lubricant, the rest is up to you. You can place it at the perfect spot and put your Kegels together to give a hands-free session. You can also use it while you are giving or receiving  head. You can wear your undies over it and go about your normal activities at home for a better experience. It's up to you to get creative with it. They are fun for solo and partnered sex. You should be aware that if you thrust it with shallow strokes, the clit simulator can lose contact with the body. You don't have to worry about that. You can always remove it and place it back in itsposition. But if you want it in contact at all times, focus on deep and shorter strokes while thrusting.

Use it in the shower or bathtub

How about using the rabbitvibratorduring your showertime? It's a fun way to make it interesting.  Whether you are with your partner or using it solo,you can use the water to make the experience more pleasurable. Waterproof vibrators are popular in the market, so it's not difficult to get one, and they come in various forms. Just choose the one that suits you better. Vibrators during shower time give you a different level of pleasure. So,if you are tired of doing things in yourbedroom, why not take it to the bathroom? It's a sure way to make it a fun experience.

Get the right size of vibrator

When you are buying your rabbit vibrator for the first time, the girth and length are two things you should focus on. If you can't get it in, it's going to be a waste. For length, most vibratos are about 4-5 inches long. If you don't like it, don't go beyond 6 inches. If you already have a vibrator you love so much; you can also go with what works and match the size.

Always keep your vibrators clean

I can't emphasizehow important it is to keep your vibrator clean, and the best part, it's simple to do so. You can wash it with soapywater, or you can use a toy cleaner. After cleaning, store it in the pouch or travel bag. If the material of your vibrator is silicone, you should treat it with the utmost care. After cleaning, use a hairdryer and store it safely in the bag. Also, clean your toys before using them.


Rabbit vibratorsare common among women. They are versatile and give a unique sexual experience, but that's if you use it the right way. You can use differenttechniquesto transform your sexual experience. Once you follow the instructionsabout using the rabbit vibrator,you will understand why it's such a pleasurable toy for women. The rabbit vibrator is your go-to toy for a good climax.