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Your Guide to Using magic wand attachments

Your Guide to Using magic wand attachments

Your Guide to Using magic wand attachments

When people hear the word "magic wand," they automatically think of witches and wizards. But the magic wand weare talking about will give you intense vibrations and make you moan louder. IF you don't have one yet, you must get one for yourself. The first-ever magic wand was introduced in 1968. It is now the most sought-after products. It is designed to give ultimate vibrations. There are different types of magic wand attachments, and we will be discussing them below. This article is a practical guide to magic wand attachments. So, if you are craving intense stimulation, I suggest you read on.

Types of Magic Wand Attachments

Electrical Wand Attachments

These wand attachments provide the most powerful vibrations compared to their counterparts. It also saves you the stress of charging it frequently. You can use it anytime you want to. However, you can only use the wand near a power plug and a cord.

Waterproof Wand attachments

When using electrical wands, you need to stay clear of anything that can cause harm. It doesn't mean you can't use it in the bathtub or shower. With the waterproof wand attachments, you can enjoy it while you are in the bathtub or the shower. Waterproof wands are battery-powered,and you can submerge them into the water, and you won't; experience any electrical shock.

Wireless Wand Attachments

These are wireless and rechargeable. They are also easy to use. You canuse it and charge it whenever you want to.

Guide on How to Choose the Right Magic Wand Attachment 

Decide if you want internal or external stimulation

When choosing your magic wand attachments, you want to choose an internal stimulating attachment or an external stimulatingattachment. You can choose the attachment to penetrate your body pr your tease your external zones. Some magic wands have an internal stimulating attachment, and others have an external stimulating attachment.

Decide on the kind of material you want

The second important decision is the type of material you want. A common material for magic wand attachments is Thermoplastic, silicone, and Thermorubber. Silicone is a softer material, while others feel like rubber. Ensure the material is safe for the body and will last a long time. You can check sex stores or online stores to try out which one you prefer.

Choose the right size of the magic wand attachment

Some magic wand attachments are larger than others. If you appreciate a larger size, then you should go for the magic wand attachment that is 8 inches long.  Some are shorter, and if you don't mind, you can also go for those. It all depends on what you want.

Decide on the cost of the magic wand attachment

Depending on your budget, you should go for a wand attachment that has a reasonable price. Don't go for the ones that are cheap because they might not be durable. There are several online stores you can check to figure out the price of a magic wand attachment.

Guide on How to Use Magic Wand Attachments

Ensure you are in a quiet place

Magic wands are loud, so you must ensure you are in a quiet place before using it. It has a buzzing sound that is not discreet, so before you use it, ensure you shut the door and turn on some background music to make it less noisy.

Control the vibrations

Most toys are designed to be used against your private parts. Magic wands are powerful, so I recommend you startwith the lower setting. The highest setting can be overwhelming, especially for a beginner. You can start low and ease into the higher settings. You can purchase accessories that will help you control the speed.

Clean it regularly

It's essential to take good care of your magic wand attachments before and after use. You can wash it with warm soapy water, or you can use a toy cleaner.After cleaning, store it in the pouch or travel bag. If your vibrator is made with silicone, you should take extra care when cleaning it. After cleaning, use a hairdryer. Always remember to clean your toys before using them.

Always use lubricants

Always ensure to use a lubricant before inserting the magic wand attachment into your body. Lubricants make the whole masturbation process easier and more comfortable. To have a comfortable and pleasurable sexual experience, use a lubricant that's compatible with the material of your vibrator and your body. If you are unsure of what kind of lubricant to use, you should stick with water-based lubricants. They are universal, and they work well with any material.

Always read the instructions before using it

Don't be excited to use it before reading and understanding the instructions. The instructions are there for a reason. You need to know how to use each control. Each vibrator has different patterns and speeds to suit your needs. Test out the different patterns to find the one that suits you best. Some vibrators have a locking mechanism, which some people think it's a faulty product. It's essential to know each button and what it is used for. It can help you find the right combination that best and more fun for you.


Magic wand attachmentsare a unique type of vibrator used to stimulate the clitoris leading to multiple orgasms. The vibrations are focused on the head to give maximum stimulation. It has a long handle that allows you to experience strong vibrations without using your hands. So, if you want a good hands-free experience, I suggest you get a magic wand attachment. You can enhance your sex life with magic wand attachments.   You can use it solo or enjoy it with your partner. Whatever option you choose, make sure you have fun.