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JJelly Flask All-Around Sex Lubricant 240ml

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Any pleasure with sexual accessories, sex toys, is made possible with the presence of a greasing agent that will provide a slippery environment for smooth penetration. Lubricants are a great part of the erotic pleasure word. Are you in need of a suitable lube for you? Look no further. This Jjelly Flask All-Around Sex Lubricant 240ml is what you require for the moments ahead. Improve the fun game with this amazing lube. The anus unlike the vagina does not produce its lube, hence needs assistance from manufactured lubricants for smooth penetration. With the right lube like this Jjelly Flask All-Around Sex Lubricant 240ml, you are guaranteed to enjoy the intense sensation and avoid anybody's harm. The lube is Water-based meaning it is non-sticky, it is moisturized, and skin-friendly. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all anal toys you have in your collection. With this around, you are guaranteed easy use of the toys hence enabling you to focus on the fun part other than the penetration difficulties. The lube is thick hence doesn't wear out easily ensuring the small amount you use is enough for your fun time throughout. Furthermore, the lube is Fragrance-Free hence you only experience natural body odor which is satisfying. The packaging of the lube is easy to use plus it’s spill-proof, reducing wastage. Get to enjoy the sexual fun in your behind hole by placing an order at the peachesandscreams.co.uk and get the delivery on time.


  • Volume: 240 ml
  • For both Male and Female
  • It is Fragrance-Free
  • Compatible with all toy materials
  • Various Drug stores
Liquid Volume: 240ml
For Who: Both
Brand: Various Drug Stores