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Astroglide Lubricants


Astroglide O Personal Sex Lubricant and Massage Oil for Couples

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Getting a great lubricant is of ultimate importance if you choose to indulge in some heavy stimulating sessions that involve the use of toys and other penetration accessories. However, a lubricant that can be used for another function is even better. To allow for multiple uses, the Astroglide O Personal Sex Lubricant and Massage Oil for Couples is designed to provide the ultimate lubrication experience while also doubling up as a great massage accessory. Having one product cater to multiple needs makes for an easier session and reduces the need for multiple products that would prove cumbersome when the sessions are taken to secondary locations. With this lube, one bottle is enough to ensure that you can take your sensual sessions out of town without the need to carry a bigger bag to accommodate the toys. This oil based lubricant is designed for use with compatible toys, so always ensure that you follow the toy guides. Cleaning oil based products from some surfaces may be a bit challenging so ensure that you keep your play area in the safe zone. The lubricant is infused with a coconut fragrance, immediately engulfing your senses with this beautiful aroma. The massage sessions ensure that the room is filled with the great smell and the oil leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. The coconut scent sticks to your skin, having you feeling and smelling great, increasing your irresistibility and greatly enhancing your partner’s attraction. Start off your sessions with a mild massage session that will have you using the oil as a lube in no time.

Specifications of Astroglide O Personal Sex Lubricant and Massage Oil for Couples

Lube Type : Oil Based
Liquid Volume : 4floz 118mls
For Who : Both
Brand : Astroglide Lubricants
Size : 4floz 118mls