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Doc Johnson


5-Inch Crystal Jellies Flexible Butt Plug with Graduating Beads

Size Guide

EXPERIENCE MEMORABLE STIMULATION WITH THE 5-Inch Crystal Jellies Flexible Butt Plug with Graduating Beads
 It has graduated beads
 Made of soft flexible jelly
 Has a flared base
This anal delight gives you soft comfortable stimulation that fully satisfies you. The toy is made of soft flexible jelly that feels utterly delightful against your skin. The tip of this toy is well rounded so that it offers you a smooth and easy time inserting it as it is unlikely to injure you. The beads are graduated so that the smallest goes into you first then the next in size and so on gradually stretching you out very smoothly and with such pleasure.
With a flared out base, you can easily control the toy while it is inside you and manipulate the massage manually. The base also prevents you from over inserting the toy so that you have more control and have a safer experience with it. The delight is easy to use whether alone or with a partner. It makes a great massager that you can wear around the house and control with your anal sphincter muscles as you move around or during sex. You can use the base to easily remove the toy whenever you want.
The toy is best to use with a good amount of lubricant that makes the insertion of it so much easier. The best lubricants to use are anal water-based lubricants although you can go ahead and use your favorite lubricant as long as you use a generous amount of it for insertion to be easy. You can use the toy in the shower as well if you want to have some wet wild fun. Cleaning is easy you can clean using warm water and a mild soap or using a good toy cleaner. Clean before and after each use. Do not store in contact with other toys.
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Specifications of the 5-Inch Crystal Jellies Flexible Butt Plug with Graduating Beads

Length : 5 Inches
Insertable : 1 to 5 inches
Diameter : 1.8 Inches
Width : 5 Inches
Colour : Pink
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Brand : Doc Johnson
Size : 5 Inches