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Autoblow 2plus Extra Tight Edition Size A

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Sexual pleasure has been changed totally by the invention of sex toys. You can get the pleasure you desire from a sex toy. But a sex toy can never satisfy your urge for a blowjob. Although there are many hand toys and gadgets for self-pleasuring. The blowjob requires an active partner to act needed. But, now the situation is about to change by the auto blow 2+ extra tight edition. The first-ever gadget to blow your dong without any penetration action required.

We are sure you are getting irritated by dry humping and wrist actions from the synthetic sex toys. The auto blow will relieve you from those duties and lets you have some fun just by switching on the power. The mouth shaped silicone sleeve will make the blowjob more realistic.


The auto blow comes along with an interchangeable sleeve of different sizes. This product is available with an A size sleeve for the large-sized male reproductive organ. The sleeve has internal grooves for the more intense stimulation of rubbing towards the moth tissue of a real partner. The auto blow has different speed settings and a button to explore all of them at your fingertips.

Forgiving you the most sensual and undisturbed action, the product is made without batteries and has to be plugged with an external power supply. The device is compatible with water-based lubricants. The internal sleeve is made from body soft silicone and easy to wash.

User safety information- do not use on wet surfaces.

Colour: Flesh
Flexibility: Slight
Controller: Wired
For Who: Male
Material: Realistic Feel
Brand: Autoblow
Power: Plug
Opening: Vagina