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Perfect Fit


Perfect Fit Clear Soft Ball Stretcher for Men

Size Guide

Everyone loves a good ball stretcher. Why? Because they get the job done of course, but also because they are super simple and really easy to use. Simply place it over your balls and go to town. The application seems trivial, but these things really work. This specific ball stretcher is great because it truly is the perfect fit. It’s made out of a special material that is ultra soft and stretchy so it can really conform to you and your body. It is also two inches long so it’s a little bigger than your typical ball stretcher. If you’re brave enough, we would certainly recommend you give this a try. The constant stretching you feel on your balls is tremendous and you’ll fall in love with it almost instantly.

Ball stretchers also make you more sensitive during sex and help you last just a bit longer. How? Well, ball stretchers prevent your balls from tightening easily. This slight resistance makes it more difficult for you to have an orgasm. It isn’t impossible, you’ll simply have to work a little harder for it. Keeping your balls loose is a great way to prolong your sex sessions. You can imagine how this will improve your life, especially with your partner. You’ll both be having more orgasms than ever before simply because you have this stretchy little thing strapped to your balls. Now, it is a mystery exactly how much longer you’ll be able to last once you put this thing on, but we’re sure it varies for each individual person.

So, go out and get yours now and try it out immediately. After you’ve used it a few times, get back to us and let us know how it all worked out for you.

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Specifications of the Perfect Fit Clear Soft Ball Stretcher for Men

Length : 1.75 - 2 Inches
Width : 5.25 Inches
Colour : Clear
Flexibility : Stretchy
For Who : Male
Features : Very Stretchy
Brand : Perfect Fit
Size : 1.75 2 Inches