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12-Piece Rimba Cupping Massage System with Hand Pump

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Suction therapy is a great Chinese technique that is used to improve blood circulation. With the suction applied to different parts of the skin, this induces blood flow into the area once the vacuum is withdrawn. This simple technique is applicable in the bedroom for sensory play stimulation. With the blood drawn to the surface of the skin, every touch and lick is felt more intensely. This sensitivity increase becomes a great basis for the most intensive sensory play session ever, allowing you to employ every tool in your possession to get your partner in a blissful and intense arousal state. The 12-Piece Rimba Cupping Massage System with Hand Pump is a great collection for your sensory play as it features various sized cups, allowing you to choose the surface area that will be perfect for your stimulation application. While it may seem like a very simple set, the benefits are tremendous and will have your partner begging for more. Set your suction session right before torture play and watch as the submissive feels every stimulus on a whole more intense level, making your play very effective. Enjoy the simplicity of the toy and use it as the ideal companion when you need to exercise your wildest fantasies when it comes to foreplay, pleasure play or torture sessions. The cups are easy to clean, requiring hot soapy water and toy cleaner to get them ready for another session. As with all things, use the suction cups moderately and be sure to stay within the limits.

Specifications of the 12-Piece Rimba Cupping Massage System with Hand Pump

Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Clear
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba