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Warming Massage Oil Edible Blueberry 50ml Swede Fruity Love

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The act of love can be done in many ways as much as possible. Sexual pleasures can be found in every activity while participating in intercourse. Every touch is a simulation of sexual pleasure on the human body. This skin sensitivity can be experienced more by using the Blueberry Cassis Massage oil by Swede. Swede has been delivering massage oil products with high quality and with extraordinary results. Using a product made by Swede is a good opportunity to unlock more sexual pleasures that are hidden underneath the human skin. The natural ability of the essential oils to get warm from your body heat gives an ultimate skin sensitivity when applied on the body.

The massage oil can be used as an effective lubricant while having petite actions with your partner. It helps you kiss your stress and have great pleasure. Just apply it on the lips and taste the Blueberry flavour on your partner. Lick it off from each other’s body to make it hotter. Buy a product of Blueberry Cassis Massage Oil from Swede on Online and taste the lust.  


  • Synthesized with completely edible ingredients
  • The ingredients are glycerine, propylene glycol, deionized aqua and natural aromatic scents.
  • The lotion is completely condom safe.
  • Non-sticky and easy to wash off from the skin with water after use.
  • Contained inside a blue coloured bottle of 50 ml quantity and delivered with a discrete package.
  • Completely safe for oral activities.
  • Contains artificial dyes for the colour texture of the oil lotion which are completely body-safe for human consumption. 
Liquid Volume: 50ml
For Who: Both
Brand: Various Drug Stores
Size: 50ml