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Beffy Oral Dental Dam for Oral Sex Personal Hygiene

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With the variety of sexually transmitted diseases making their rounds in the world, it is imperative that you take every necessary precaution to keep yourself and your partner safe. Oral sex is usually not what comes to mind when STIs are mentioned and it is often overlooked by many people as a form of transmission. However, care should be employed when indulging in oral stimulation as well as penetrative sessions. The Beffy Oral Dental Dam for Oral Sex Personal Hygiene is a creation designed to ensure that your cunnilingus and analingus sessions are as safe as can be. To start you off, place the latex oral dam over the intended area. This dam is not designed to stretch out, so ensure that you do not stretch it out to try and cover a larger area. Once in place, you can now indulge your mouth and tongue without fear of contacting any diseases. The pack contains two dams, so always ensure that you have enough to get you through the session so that you avoid having to settle for some risky indulgence. Most people complain that condoms reduce the intensity of the sensations experienced. In the same way, the same complaints may be lodged against the dam. To enhance your sensations, place water based lubricant on the bottom of the dam before placing it on the intended area. This will enhance the sensations experienced, making your session a little bit better. The Beffy Oral Dental Dam for Oral Sex Personal Hygiene should not be confused with contraceptives. These dams are purely for protection against infections. 

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