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Bijoux Indiscrets is a brand of sensual cosmetics and trinkets founded in Barcelona in 2006. Conceived by women aiming to give other women some pretty tools to broaden the way they experience sexuality, the brand was destined for the international success it has been gaining throughout the years. Within Bijoux Indiscrets portfolio you can find products such as tantalizing lip balms, erotic massage oils, scented massage candles, shiny body embellishments and jewels, sassy nipple cover pasties, softly teasing feather ticklers, kinky handcuffs, smooth ties and alluring blindfolds. The designers behind Bijoux Indiscrets put all their heart and soul in elaborating products meant to look exquisite, to charm your senses and your partner's in the most delightful way and also meant to inspire you, foxy lady, to start exploring and enjoying all of your sexual fantasies! Sex is a constant discovery and these bijoux are here, at Peaches & Screams, to add layers of fabulosity to experience. Pick a fantasy, set the ambience and treat yourself with an amazing sex life!

Sexy Cosmetics

Bijoux Indiscrets erotic cosmetics awaken extreme sensations on your and partners' skin through temperature changes. Warming up or cooling down when they touch the skin, chills of pleasures are to be expected!

Lip Balms

With these apparently innocent lip balms, made from top quality products and blissful scents, you are about to give and/or receive the best oral sex of your life! Well, kissing will be awesome too. And moisturising properties for permanently sexy lips were also taken care of, don't worry. Nevertheless, check the label for ingredients you might be allergic too.

Erotic Scented Massage Oils

Great for a warming relaxation, these oils are an amazing foreplay for the above-mentioned lip balms. Your partner will love the sexy surprise and pay you back with all the loving caresses you deserve. Silky skins are simple irresistible and a fool's proof gateway for an intense, dreamy, mind-blowing exploration of each other's bodies. The oils have a silicone base your skin won't absorb. They're also paraben-free and without harmful additives. Super smooth and silky in texture, these relaxing oils won't even soil your sheets.

There are also some precautions you should be aware of:

  • If you want to mix these oils with other products, make sure they are latex-based instead of silicone-based.

  • External use only.

  • Don't use if allergic to silicone. Check the label for other ingredients you might be allergic too. Red, itchy skin will only spoil your fun! Consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant or have any health condition that might be affected by this product.

Erotic Massage Candles

Light them up and feel the magic starting to happen. First, the aroma. Perfumed with the Bijoux Indiscrets Essence fragrance, these candles will infuse your room with the sweet hints of rose, luxurious and exotic traces of jasmine, wood and spices, and the erotic potential of Ylang-Ylang. Inspired by the intimacy and love making ultimate bible, the Kamasutra, these erotic massage candles were made to put bodies on fire! As the flame burns, the hidden massage oils will melt. With no skin burning danger, pour them over your lover's skin and warmly caress them...or yourself! Once you rub your skin with these, the beautiful glow, the captivating scent and the wild eyes your just lit inner flame will open on your face, your playmate won't be able to resist you!

To be safe, never forget reading the ingredients label to check for any allergies you might have.

Body Embellishments

Razzle dazzle all eyes on you with Bijoux Indiscrets body jewellery temporary tattoos and rhinestone breast accessories. Cover yourself up in burlesque glamour and shine a light on your lover's desire for you with sensuous moves. Be the Mata Hari of their dreams, a seductress born of your own power as a woman. These fashionable accessories come in multiple colours, so you can pick those which flatter your skin the most. The designs themselves are shaped like stars on nipple covers and like peacock feathers on the temporary tattoos.

The application is super easy. The rhinestones are placed over a silicone adhesive that will effortlessly stick to your skin in about 30 seconds. Before deciding where to place your new shiny tattoos, it is recommended that you use the allergy test kit included in the package. Silicone is mostly safe, but some skin types show intense sensitivity to it.

Sexy Trinckets

The perfect body wear and accessories for sexy role-play. Silky, fuzzy, ticklish, eye-catching. Wear them in your private sex temple or flaunt one or other in public. It is up to you and your naughtiness.

Nipple Cover Pasties

These nipple cover pasties could actually be the stars of Bijoux Indiscrets, as the brand's name describes them so perfectly. Their burlesque allure begs a bold public appearance over bare, beautiful breasts, underneath a sheer fabric or even underneath something opaquer if you prefer flaunting them only in the intimacy of the bedroom. If you are looking for that something special to spice up the outfit you will be wearing at that adult party, look no further! Bijoux Indiscrets will cover you, literally. Firm and sticky on the back, these accessories are built to stay with you comfortably until you decide to remove them. This way, you can enjoy the envious and lustful eyes on you without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions. These little pieces are also embellished with tassels for added glamour.

Feather Ticklers

Run these across your lover's body to show them new pleasure spots and then lure them into finding yours. Skin is the biggest human body, it is drenched in nervous ends, which are aroused the best by the soft, gentle, ticklish touch of marabou feathers. This sensual and graceful gesture might even transport you mentally to those ancestral pleasure houses where (almost) nothing was forbidden. Who could tell such a fancy object could hold so many delightful promises and bring such an amazing intimacy?

Handcuffs, Bondage Ties, Blindfolds and Masks

If you are into BSDM role-play in the bedroom, find a lover you could trust blindfolded and let Bijoux Indiscrets accessories add a lot of sexy excitement to the domination game. These exquisitely crafted accessories come in gorgeous shades of black and the arousing textures of satin and feathers. Be the master or the submissive belle of the dungeon in great style!

If you are new to bondage, you should start with the gentle and ticklish restriction Bijoux Indiscrets feather handcuffs offer. You can even use them alone for a naughtier self-exploration. Then go up a level with the silky ties. Use your imagination. Let your lover surprise you. Discover all the tantalising poses your bodies can perform. And once you are ready to maximize the sensations by keeping the eyes shut, add the sexy blindfolds to the equation and get yourself ready for an unforgettable ride.

It is also advised that you are conscious of the harm you can cause to your partner when getting a bit too carried away. So, please stick to what was agreed by both of you and remember not to choke anyone too much.

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