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Durex Invisible Extra Thin Lubricated Condoms, 12-Pack

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New a Durex family of preservatives. These extra lubricated condoms are made with the purpose of providing you and your lover with a maximum level of satisfaction.
Some of the perks are:

  • Extra lubricated, compared with standard Durex condoms
  • Straight walled & teat ended
  • Transparent & lubricated natural rubber latex condoms
  • Width: 52mm

Based on customer feedback it’s one of the best condoms ever!

It is nicely shaped and fits perfectly snug, not loose or baggy or crinkled up at the bottom. When on, it feels like it's not even there but is durable material and a strong enough end teat, the most important bit!

This innovation gives a skin-to-skin feeling. They are transparent, extra thin, and extremely lubricated to help both you and your partner have a more gratifying sexual experience. The Durex condom is made from natural rubber latex to ensure you have that extra protection. They have a great smell, so there are no unwelcome distractions when you thrust and please your woman. The extra lubrication is with a natural gel that stimulates her g-spot and clitoris. The new design of the Durex Invisible Extra Lubricated condom brings you and your partner together for a memorable experience.

Before having oral or anal sex, ensure you read the instructions carefully, the Durex invisible condom is to be used only once. Although no method of contraception can guarantee a 100% protection against HIV, Pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, the 100% electronically tested Durex invisible extra thin condom goes the extra mile to give you additional protection.

Top tip: The Durex condom is just half the thickness of a human hair so like you imagine, it feels softer and more natural than the standard latex rubber, making for great sex that doesn't scream "condom use." Both you and your partner get to experience incredible feeling as you have safe sex. Durex gives a perfect fit and natural feel, the invincible ticket to your experience of breathtaking sensitivity. The Durex extra thin isn't just a box of condoms; it is the closest thing to her skin." These extra thin condoms are sufficiently lubricated and have a nominal width of 52mm.

The Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive condoms have been designed to give you the best sensation you can get while you thrust in your partner. Order your condom today and take your lovemaking game to the next level. We offer discreet packaging and delivery on your purchase.