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Rouge Garments


2.75-Inch Wide Red Leather Padded Collar with 3 D-Rings

Size Guide

Being in command is a dangerous thing. It’s a lot of responsibility. You are up for the task though. You love being in control. Locking your partner up and becoming the new ruler of their body and their will is simply invigorating. It’s all you want to do, especially after how hard you’ve been working. This is your chance to let off some steam. This is the time you get to live out your deepest and darkest fantasies. There she is tied and ready for you. You can do anything you want, and she promises to take it. What you do to her is up to you. Those are your dreams and your kinky desires. What we are here to do is to provide you with the proper tools so you can achieve maximum pleasure and ecstasy while also getting the job done. There’s nothing worse than a cheap collar that snaps or breaks when things get a little heated. You’re rough, and you know that’s the truth. So you need something that is sturdy and can take that added pressure and tension. Luckily for you, this here is a great quality collar that is built to last and withstand enormous amount of tension. It’s a thick padded collar that grabs a firm hold of the neck and covers it completely. Once you get it on her she’ll feel that restriction that she loves and you’ll also have that control that you want. Notice that this collar as 3 D-rings along the front and sides so you can attach whatever you want with ease. These D-rings are secure and can withstand the pulls and tugs of any steel chains and leashes. This bright red color contrasts nicely with the silver touches on the studs and buckle, adding a nice aesthetic to an already elegant item. This collar is easily adjustable and you have many different options and sizes. You can yank this thing closed and give your lover the suffocating tension that they desire or you can be a little more gentle and give it to them in moderation, as in you start off soft and slowly increase the tightness. Once you latch that belt buckle in you are good to go and ready to have some fun. Order now because you don’t have much time to waste. Also, don’t forget to come back to let us know how much you loved this collar. We’d love to hear all about the experience. Shop for the 2.75-Inch Wide Red Leather Padded Collar with 3 D-Rings now!

Specifications of the 2.75-Inch Wide Red Leather Padded Collar with 3 D-Rings

Length : 16.5 Inches
Fastening : Buckle
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Red
Flexibility : Slight
For Who : Both
Features : Adjustable Sizes
Brand : Rouge Garments
Size : 16.5 Inches