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Bulk Condoms Set of 24 XL Extra Large Condoms 60mm

Do you want to talk about a classic condom? You have to consider the best, and this Bulk Condoms Set Of 24 Xl Extra Large Condoms 60mmsets the bar for other brands and condoms out there. You may be having your favourite specific condom already; However, not every time they may deliver as intended; some may bust in the process making the intercourse a frustration instead of satisfying. Well, that depends on the type and quality you get. With Bu Bulk Condoms Set Of 24 Xl Extra Large Condoms 60mm have a worry-free experience. These transparent protectors are not just about prevention but also the real pleasure and realistic feel. These condoms are large making them perfectly fit for your monster penis size. Additionally, they are well lubricated making the sensation more and keeping your cock moist entirely. The design enables you to have control and know when to adjust, they are transparent allowing you to see the cock well. the elasticity is great making the insertion more comfortable and fit on your huge cock. Furthermore, the packet contains 24 pieces, meaning you get to enjoy your game nonstop due to the availability of enough condoms at once. Want to be regular and classic at once? This is the most convenient condom to use. Have you experienced setbacks from condoms before? Do not lose hope at all; these Bulk Condoms Set Of 24 Xl Extra Large Condoms 60mm are here for you. Many users are full of praises of these amazing sex accessories; make your pleasure time with a lover as pleasurable and safe as possible. look no further, these adult safe play from Secure Kondome Brand is here for happy customers all over. Grab a packet or as much as you need and the delivery will be done in time and discretely.


  • Stretchy
  • Natural latex material
  • Thin material
  • Secure Kondome Brand
  • 24 pieces per packet

For Who: Male
Features: Width 60mm
Brand: Secura Kondome