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Leg Avenue Lingerie


Floral Lace Crotchless Teddy Sexy Red Lingerie UK 18 to 22

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This high neck lingerie which is a back-less underwear will spice up your sexy feeling to confident and comfortable moments. It is a good cloth to put on during your sexy times, like the romantic dinner or the night out with a partner. With a matching party dress, you’re good to go. Give this a try and wait for that result. Are you an extravagant lady who enjoys life with fancy underwear? This is the perfect item for you. Other than the fancy part, it will give extra confidence when worn. The red color enlightens your day.

It is a light weight cloth with thread-like straps that hold the parts of the lingerie covering the breasts, these two breast covers are connected to the upper part by a neck collar-like beautiful strap. On the lower side, they attach to a panty. The lace fabric gives you comfort and smooth texture. Furthermore, it is easily washed by hands. Leg avenue lingerie has outdone itself in this brand by producing one of the best lingerie there is around here in the market. Get this amazing product from peaches and screams sex store and ensure the days are filled with glittering moments of confidence. Visit our website, peachesandscreams.co.uk and order your piece today. We ensure there is a discreet delivery and on time. No need to wait any longer. Spice up your relationship by putting on this lingerie and bring out the sexy you. Let your partner make the remarks.

Washing: Hand wash
Colour: Red
Flexibility: Slight
For Who: Female
Material: Lace
Brand: Leg Avenue Lingerie
Style: Body