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Silver ElectraStim Halo Clitoral Stimulation Probe for Her

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Clit stimulation spans a wide area, with electro play taking center stage as one of the most intensive techniques of all. The Silver ElectraStim Halo Clitoral Stimulation Probe for Her is designed to allow your electro stimulation play to graduate into the clitoral and vaginal area. With the insulated base, you get to hold the probe against your intended target as you drive the jolts into their body. The pointed tip delivers sharp sensations, ideal for when the play enters the torture stage. For a more sensual and soft stimulation, activate the wider base and watch as the light electro sensations grip their body for a slightly intensive reaction. This toy has a bi-polar probe capability, allowing you to use both contacts at once, but is also uni-polar capable, giving you multiple choices when it comes to the choice of electrodes. The conical shaped toy is ideal for shallow penetration, allowing you to direct your attention to the vaginal opening for a session of intensive electro stimulation that will have your partner covered in a blissful state. This toy gives you the chance to indulge your most intimate electro stimulation fantasies, giving you and your partner a session like no other. Enjoy the bliss that comes with this toy, and always make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize the toy if there ever comes a time that will require its use to be transferred to another partner. Before starting your electro play session, use a water-based lubricant on the surface area. 

Specifications of Silver ElectraStim Halo Clitoral Stimulation Probe for Her

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Female
Brand : ElectraStim