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Anal Douche Non Return Valve for Intimate Cleaning

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Anal sex has been one of the ways to have fun for a long time now. Due to more and more developments, this erotic game is getting more fun and interesting. The partners involved or the solo games need preparations before indulging in the back hole fun. unlike the mouth or the vagina penetration, the anus requires greasing since it has no natural fluid inside. The lubes have been employed in this game and made it more fun. however, lack of lubricant is not the only issue with the anal game, hygiene is a vital part too. Poor cleaning of the anal hole leads to dissatisfaction between the partners; more so the ones penetrating. Taking a shower is a good way to prepare for the erotic moments between partners. The anal walls will require a thorough cleaning before the game. the ANAL DOUCHE NON RETURN VALVE FOR INTIMATE CLEANING is the answer to anal cleanliness and a boost to the sexual experience among the lovers. Traditional methods may not do enough cleaning of the hole since they may not reach far. However, this amazing cleaning tool is great for inner cleaning. The tinny long opening reaches far hence more effective. The tube is connected to a rubber bulb that stores about 224ml liquid capacity. When empty, squeeze the bulb for sucking the water then push it inside the anus. When full, the nozzle is inserted in the anal hole the gently squeezes the bulb again. Interestingly, once the water is out, no returning hence a better cleaning. The ANAL DOUCHE NON RETURN VALVE FOR INTIMATE CLEANING is the answer.


  • Black
  • Firm
  • For both male and female
  • PVC
  • Nexus Brands

Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour: Black
Flexibility: Firm
For Who: Both
Material: PVC
Brand: Nexus