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Fetish Fantasy Series Strip Dance Pole for Her

Size Guide

SEDUCE YOUR PARTNER WITH SEXY MOVES ON THE Fetish Fantasy Series Strip Dance Pole for Her
So you've always wanted to dance on a pole but you were never comfortable enough doing it in front of strangers? Or you've been taking a pole class but you need to put some home practice in? Or you just always wanted your own a strip dance pole in your home but you didn't get it with that 'standard' installation? Fear not, your favourite sex shop always has your back and always knows just what you need! In store now we have our Fetish Fantasy Series Strip Dance Pole for Her! Wrap your legs around this beauty and get ready to rediscover that alter ego that's been safely tucked away all these years. Put on a show you and your partner will be talking for many years to come. And even then you'll enjoy so many more sexually liberating adventures. Get your partner to enjoy you from all angles as you slide up and down on that hard steel strip dance pole. The same strength and support you enjoy from your partner right there in your living room or boudoir. You can also sneak in some alone time with the pole, no rule says your partner always has to watch (wink wink!) Get inspired alone and share with your partner later. This is great for core strength and flexibility, get your abs and thighs looking amazing and simply delectable. Feel sexy and look sexy getting fit. This could double up as a gym essential. There are so many benefits attached to this wonderful strip dance pole, your world is your oyster - just click and add to your cart you won't regret it. Installation is very easy and a quick read through the manual will get you set up good and ready. If you aren't sure about anything, your safety matters to us. Have no fear and get a handy man to come help you install it for you!

Specifications of Fetish Fantasy Series Strip Dance Pole for Her

Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Female
Brand : PipeDream