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Spencer and Fleetwood


Adult Candy Handcuffs Erotic Edible Candy

Size Guide

These are candy bracelets or handcuffs for people to play with. It is also suitable for vegetarians. The comfortable stretch- elastic holds the candy in place as they eat their way out of the handcuffs. Ingredients include anti-caking agent, flavoring, stabilizer, glazing agent, carnauba wax, citric acids, fatty acids, and magnesium salt. It offers a tasty treat during sex.It is one size fits all. So, enjoy these delicious edible handcuffs from Peaches and Screams. Get artsy with these handcuffs candy. On the bracelet are different kinds of flavors to choose from. Edible body paints allow partners to play most erotically. They can achieve all their intimate desires with the edible body paints from Peaches and Screams. It gets hotter as they lick and suck on their partner all over for an exhilarating experience. It leads to a hot and erotic sexual experience. They are sweet and sexy cuffs. They are multi-colored flexible sweets made with flexible string, and it is a fun treat for everyone. They are Sweet and Sexy Candy Cuffs. They are a unique novelty with several applications, and it is perfect for those who want to have naughty playtime. It is also perfect for the holiday season. These candy cuffs by Peaches and Screams will make the experience into the land of BDSM MORE ENJOYABLE. It is durable and easy to use. They are also adjustable to ensure a comfortable experience. It has a connector that allows for looping other bondage restraints through for even more foreplay.

For Who: Both
Features: Edible Fun
Brand: Spencer and Fleetwood