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Rimba Rubber Secrets Black Wet-Look Latex Bra

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Imagine being able to adjust your lingerie to suit the personal style you desire, being able to shape the garment to exactly how you want it! The above is now possible with Rubber Secrets, here we have the gorgeous Rimba Rubber Secrets Black Wet-Look Latex Bra which is constructed in 100% natural black latex of the best quality.
The secret in Rubber Secrets is it gives you the wonderful ability to cut and change the product to suit your personal preferences, without splitting, and the super material used is UV and chemical resistant! Rubber Secrets is famous for their quality, and now you know the secret too, so get out those scissors and get to work designing your own sexy style, maybe a nice low neckline to expose your beautiful cleavage, or maybe a couple of sexy peepholes, it's entirely up to you! Style Yourself!
A snug-fitting bra without fastenings that pulls on over the head, styled and tailored to give an excellent fit and good support. Super shiny black color give this bra a lovely look. Comes without under-wiring. Available in three sizes. Shop for the Rimba Rubber Secrets Black Wet-Look Latex Bra now!

Specifications of the Rimba Rubber Secrets Black Wet-Look Latex Bra

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
For Who : Female
Brand : Rimba
Style : Bra


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