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Perfect Fit


Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock Black Medium

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Toys with multiple purposes are usually a great investment as you get multiple benefits under one roof. With the Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock Black Medium, your cock ring experience is elevated with features you never knew could be combined into one seemingly scary device. This toy features a cock ring, a device known to give some powerful hard ons by holding the blood supply hostage in the penis. This cock ring ensures that you get some powerful extended play as your erection lasts longer than usual. With this toy, the benefits of the cock ring are just a tip of the iceberg. The ball strap gives a slight tug on your balls, keeping them held in place. This tug makes sure that the balls remain in place as you orgasm, extending the distance your load has to travel through. This extends the period of time your orgasm lasts, making every second even more precious than the last. Last but not least, the toy includes a butt plug to ensure that your anal senses are also a part of the tag team. The plug gives your ass the attention it requires, making your orgasm even more sensational as all your sexual organs get to participate in the session. The Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock Black Medium is not compatible with silicone based products, so always ensure that you use water based lube as you indulge in this toy. With its slight flexibility, the toy fits comfortably, giving you one of the best experiences in your lifetime.

Specifications of Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock Black Medium

Length : See Description
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Slight
Features : Phthalate Free
Brand : Perfect Fit
Size : See Description