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10-Inch Pipedream Extreme Elite Vibrating Power Penis Pump

Size Guide

If you ever want to watch what happens to your penis when the suction power is applied to it, just take the 10-Inch Pipedream Extreme Elite Vibrating Power Penis Pump for a ride. This powerful suction pump will have your penis begging for more and more until you have released your load in a wild and explosive orgasmic end. To make it more interesting, the pump is clear in color and has a measuring ruler conveniently placed where you can see. Place your shaft in the pump and mark where you originally reach and as the session goes on, watch as your penis majestically grows right before your eyes. This powerful toy admits up to 10 inches of pure dick, making sure that your member fully gets the attention that it deserves. The intermittent suction feels like the real deal, giving you the sensations that make you lose yourself in the moment as your body gets to receive the most intense stimulations. The oral topper focuses its power on your penile tip, ensuring that you feel every single suction power that grips your body. This topper is also removable to ease the cleaning process, and you can also use the pump with or without the topper to experiment on the different sensations provided. The 10-Inch Pipedream Extreme Elite Vibrating Power Penis Pump is a great way to enjoy solo sessions when you are craving a bit of some oral stimulation. With each body racking orgasm you get to enjoy the greatest masturbation experience of your life.

Specifications of the 10-Inch Pipedream Extreme Elite Vibrating Power Penis Pump

Length : 10 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Clear
Controller : Built In
Brand : PipeDream
Power : 2 x AA (Included)
Size : 10 Inches
Opening : Mouth