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Realistic Squeezable Male Butt Masturbator for Gay Men

Double the pleasure and double the fun with the Pipedream Classix Dual Vibrating Ball Teaser. Two are always better than one! These vibrators slide right into a testicles hugging sleeve and make you tingle and moan with pleasure. These ticklish vibrators bring in sensual pleasure and extremely arousing experience. Your penis will feel like a vibrator! Enhance your solo play sessions with these powerful and erotically pleasing ball teaser and add an extra touch of pleasure for your strokes. The feeling of being touched and tickled is induced with these vibrators, making your stroking sessions extremely pleasurable. The ball hugging sleeve stretches comfortably around your testicles and these two vibrating bullets slide right in, making your balls tickle and making you tremble with ecstatic pleasure. Your solo play sessions just got better! Add more pleasure to your stroking and thrusting private sessions with these vibrators. You can even use these ball hugging sleeve and vibrating bullets while enjoying an intimate session with your partner, for added stimulation and sensational experience. The powerful dual vibrators and the ultra stretchy ball hugging sleeve ensure a comfortable feel and an immensely powerful pleasure radiating experience. The high intensity vibrations produced from these bullets along with the tightly hugging sleeve are sure to make your balls tickle and your penis throb with pleasure, arousal, and sensation. An ideal addition to your pleasure toys. Add extra pleasure to your stroking sessions and delve into naughty fantasies while the sleeve and bullets give you a satisfying sensation and drive you with a pleasure filled sensual experience.

Length: 5.25 Inches
Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Insertable: 1 to 5 inches
Colour: Flesh
Flexibility: Very
For Who: Male
Features: Squeezable
Material: Realistic Feel
Brand: PipeDream
Size: 5.25 Inches
Opening: Male Butt