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Ultimate Guide: How to Buy Medium Butt Plugs

You have already exhausted all your butt plugs in your beginner’s kit and are looking to upgrade your anal sex experience. Peaches and Screams as usual got you covered. Buy a medium butt plug and open your doors to earth-shattering pleasure. Medium butt plugs are great for people looking to add more depth and fullness to their anal pleasure. They are aesthetically pleasing and designed to raise your level of sexual ecstasy.

How to use medium butt plugs

Medium butt plugs are designed to open up your anus and teach it how to accommodate more fullness and stimulation. They are un-gendered. So, whether you are a king or queen, immerse yourself to life changing hedonistic pleasure by embracing the full benefits of backdoor parties. Upgrade the quality of your masturbation by inserting a medium butt plug inside your anus and stimulate your vagina or penis to create your own body quivering orgasm. Or introduce your partner to anal sex and spice up your bondage erotic pleasure. Let your playmate prepare you and insert a medium butt plug into your anus to massage your back-vagina wall as they give you a penile trust of your lifetime. Infuse the multi-layered waves of stimulation for extreme penetration and toe-curling explosion of multiple orgasms.

But before you go shopping, let’s talk about various aspects you need to consider when choosing medium butt plugs.

How to Buy Medium Butt Plugs


The size of the butt plug in both insertable length and girth is crucial to maximise your pleasurable experience. If you are newly upgrading to medium butt plugs, only increase a quarter inch from the last size you used. Anal stretching should be done gradually and with a lot of caution to make the whole process as pleasurable as possible. For more advanced users who like the pleasure varieties offered by medium butt plugs, you can choose longer lengths and wider girths depending on your level of tolerance and personal preference. Only your bedroom artistry can limit you here, otherwise you are spoilt for choices.


Butt plugs are made for different materials each producing unique textures and sensations. Common materials include silicone, rubber, jelly, plastic, glass, ceramic, metal, and stone. We recommend you always go for body safe and easy to clean materials. Some materials such as jelly and rubber contain phthalates and are highly porous. Phthalates are harmful to the body so if your material contains them, please slide on a condom to prevent direct body contact. Porous material can also allow anal bacteria to grow inside the toy making them risky to use. However, you can still use them by ensuring you thoroughly clean and fully sanitize your medium butt plug before and after use. Also avoid sharing your plug for hygiene and health reason.


Choosing the right shape means that your will experience an intense insertion depending on your desires. There are three main shapes of butt plugs although some new creative designed as slowly entering the market. This include tapered, beaded or rounded- tip. Some shapes such as the tapered are easier to insert and recommended for people just getting introduced to medium butt plugs. On the other hand, beaded and rounded –tips are typically blunt and need a little warming up and relaxation to comfortably insert. However, this is entirely dependent on your level of experience and how much you fancy the pleasure-pain infusion of anal sex play.


 Maybe you already have tested a few of anal textures during your training period. Texture can add an exciting twist to your entire experience. If just getting introduced, we recommend you go for a smoother texture until your anus is used to some extra fullness. For experienced players, there are a variety of textures you can choose from grooves, ribs, bumps and waves. You can even mix things up by using different textured plugs in the same session to achieve multiple sensations and ultimate orgasms. However, you need to take things slow and use lots of lube when playing with textured butt plugs.

Rigidity and flexibility

Some people prefer flexible butt plugs especially if wearing during sex. However, others love the ultimate sensation of butt plugs that do not give in to the body twists. Let your personal preference and how you intend to use the plug guide you.

Competitive Advantage

Although there are all created for anal stretching and stimulation, some medium butt plugs also come fitted with exciting features to increase pleasure delivery. Some have removal vibrating bullets that can be inserted for an incredible prostate massage. Others are designed to inflate inside you to add fullness and stimulation that you can only dream of at the moment. And even more exciting, there are medium butt plugs that are hollowed at the centre to help you enjoy fullness and anal penile/dildo penetration at the same time. These will drive you straight to sexual nirvana with every thrust that jerks your body up and down with pleasure. Just be creatively dreamy and fulfill your sexual desires with a sophisticated type of elegance.

Plug Safety

This goes without say, always make sure the medium butt plug you choose is actually safe to use in the anus. Check that it has a good base to prevent it from going all inside. For softer materials such as rubber and jelly, make sure the base is firmed up to remain outside. Trust us; you don’t want to make that late night embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

Quality sex is an important ingredient to a fulfilling happy life. And anal play is the erotic game of pain and pleasure that will add some excitement and fun to your life. Get a medium butt plug from Peaches and Screams and blaze yourself for toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasm. Redefine your pleasure fantasies, buy a medium butt plug, some anal lubricants and lube applicators from Peaches and Screams and create your own anal dance tunes. Let the pleasure curtains loose because you are the master of your own pleasure paradise.

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