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Just Nic It Nicotine Shot 10ml 18mg for Shortfill E-Liquid Shake and Vape

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Pure fun and a touch of class is what this is. The Just Nic It Nicotine Shot comes in a great looking yellow bottle and is perhaps one of the best Nicotine  e-liquids out in the market. Not only is this superb product well formulated, it also one of the best forumations that you can use for a Do It Yourself e-liquid formulations. Carefully engineered in our UK labs, the Just Nic It Nicotine Shot is 100% Naturally Derived with Tobacco as the key base.  What is even more exiciting about Just Nic It is that for the progressive E-Cigarrette smoker that is looking to keep it up with Nicotine, then this is the perfect solution. For the longest time, E-Cigarrette smokers have had to make do with the Nicotine free E-Liquids totally removing the fun from E-Cigarrette. The beauty of Nicotine is that it is an excellent stimulant and the beauty of Just Nic It is that you control how much you can take. We personally love our stenght at 0.3mg per ml and so wth just one bottle of Just Nic It Nicotine Shot 10ml 18mg and 50ml of Nicotine free off the shelf e-liquid, you can make for yourself 60ml of 0.3mg/ml Nicotine e-liquid. Thanks to our product development team Just Nic It is 100% easy to use, very stable and perfectly safe. Because Just Nic It Nicotine Shot is flavour-free it means that it will not change the taste of off the shelf e-liquid. Remember this product is 80% Vegetable Glycol and 20% Propylene Glycol (80% VG to 20% PG). So why wait a minute longer, get this product now.

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