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Master Series Reign Noir Black Nipple Tweezer Clamps

Enjoy heightened nipple stimulations for more intensified pleasures with the incredibly crafted Reign Noir 2 Black Nipple Tweezer Clamps with Chain.

Whether an amateur or you are already used to the unique pleasure of BDSM, these nipple clamps are the right choice for you. This gorgeous piece is made up of a link chain and two clamps coated in vinyl material to make them have a softer touch on your skin. You can put these clamps on your nipples for sweet stimulation; when you and your partner plan to have a night full of fun, the Reign noir 2 black tweezer claps are the right choice to go for. Control your pleasure by sliding the metal ring up and down the reign noir clamps.

These nipple tweezer clamps with chain will give you the best pleasure you have felt in a while. With a vinyl material at the tip, these clamps will make sure you are comfortable and that your skin is safe for your skin. You can even choose to place these clamps on other parts of the body and enjoy the pain and pleasure of BDSM. These clamps are a must-have in your collection of BDSM toys. Add these clamps to your shopping list now and enjoy.

Specifications of the Reign Noir 2 Black Nipple Tweezer Clamps with Chain

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
For Who : Both
Brand : Master Series