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Rimba UniPolar Electro Nipple and Genital Clamps

Size Guide

Where would you rank your orgasms on the list of “the best things in the world”? Surely orgasms are amazing and one of the more pleasant things one can experience. But is an orgasm THE BEST thing? If you didn’t place it at number one, you may have a problem. Not a serious one, you are just missing out on something big. Orgasms should be mind numbing. They should allow you to reach new levels of consciousness that have never been seen before. They should be so intense they leave your toes curling and your eyes rolling further and further back into your skull. When was the last time you climaxed so hard you forgot your name? Or your address? This should be a moment of complete bliss and ecstasy, not one of disappointment. Sex can get dull and perhaps a little bit boring, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. There are things anyone can do to turn up the heat and spice things up in the bedroom. For years now the few and the brave have been experimenting with electric shocks during sexual activity, and the results have been outstanding. It turns out with tiny bits of electricity, you could achieve some of the most powerful and life-altering orgasms in the world. These Rimba UniPolar Electro Nipple and Genital Clamps are brand new and have been rocking the world. Clasp them onto your nipples, genitals, anywhere you like and simply lay back and let the Rimba box do all the work. These are so intense you can literally connect them to your body and just close your eyes and wait as these bring you to one giant climax that you’ll remember forever. You can also be generous and clip these onto a partner of yours and watch as they get their life changed. Go and get yours now because they will absolutely rock your world. Shop for the Rimba UniPolar Electro Nipple and Genital Clamps now!

Specifications of the Rimba UniPolar Electro Nipple and Genital Clamps

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba
Power : Rimba Power Box (Not included see above)