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California Exotic

Pink Silicone Vibrating Nipple Suckers with Remote Control

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Nipple stimulation involves a whole wide array of toys made specially to make nipple play rise above the norm. When it comes to beginner’s play, making sure the toy only delivers pleasure is a sure way of keeping them coming back for more. Nipple play falls on both sides of the pleasure and pain coin, with each category boasting its own powerful tools. The Pink Silicone Vibrating Nipple Pleasurizers are created especially for those who like their nipple play recipe laden with intense pleasure. The fully adjustable nipple stimulators have a design that totally deviates from the normal clamping design. They have a cinching mechanism, ensuring that the pressure applied fully matches your preference. Connected to a powerful motor controller, the stimulators have a two speed capability that ensures your nipples receive the attention they deserve to keep your arousal at an all-time high. If you are engaging in solo play, the stimulators ensure that you get to have your hands free to satisfy your other penetrative cravings, complementing your solo play with nipple stimulation so powerful that you achieve your orgasmic end with great ease. The stimulators can also be used independently as the silicone covers are removable. The removable covers make cleanup so much easier and this makes the maintenance of the toy all the more manageable. Get a hold of this beautiful masterpiece and enjoy the benefits of automated nipple stimulation that allows you and your partner to use your hands to deal with more pertinent matters.

Specifications of Pink Silicone Vibrating Nipple Suckers with Remote Control

Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Pink
Flexibility : Very
Controller : Wired
For Who : Both
Features : Adjustable and High Intensity
Brand : California Exotic
Power : 2 x AA (Included)