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Cottelli Collection


6 Pairs Of Skin Tone Silicone Bra Nipple Covers

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Do you want to make him go crazy over you? Be ready to get wild with your partner, with a pair of Flesh colour Nipple Covers. Provided with a choice between fully naked women and semi-naked women, men will always choose semi-naked women. It is not that complicated, men are just wanted to be curious about everything they do. Wearing a pair of nipple covers will trigger that nature of men automatically. And also the skin coloured texture makes the nipple missing out of the place. Without any straps on the body, every inch of the skin is out for sale except those most precious berries that lie underneath the coverings. To have an arousing sexual experience with your partner, these are the perfect choice for your play.

The nipple covers can also be used as great day savers while wearing sexy outfits or transparent outfits and swimwear. They save you from the embarrassing look in public. Buy pairs of Flesh Coloured Nipple Covers and have a normal day and a great night. 


  • For matching different skin tones, the coverings are available in different colors and sizes.
  • The coverings are made up of body soft silicone and added with a biological adhesive to stick easily on the skin.
  • A comfort space is arranged in the middle of the covering.
  • The skin surface has to be dry before applying the covers on the body.
  • They are completely reusable after every use.
Selection of how many pairs and what type of skin tone is available and a delivery experience with discrete packaging.

Colour: Flesh
For Who: Female
Features: A gap in the adhesive for the nipple
Material: Silicone
Brand: Cottelli Collection