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Gay Scratch Card Game - Sex Games

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It's a year of sex! This sexual position card game offers different sexual positions. It offers over 50 different sex positions for gay couples. The card games are strictly for gay couples. It is suitable for beginners, intermediate and experienced couples. It comes in a brand-new open package. It is suitable for positional references of play to enhance sexual fantasies. Each card offers simple technique instructions and a challenging rating of 1 to 5, with five being the most challenging. Each card displays a full-size photograph of the unique sexual position gay couples can explore during sex. It can be used to add variety to their sexual experience. It includes color illustration and detailed instructions in a new format.  It is a gift card deck that features 99psotions and 12 bonus lust lessons and instructions for mastering the sex position.  For this game, each player is a winner. It is a classic scratch card game, and it comes with exquisite prices. With scratch, each partner can discover a new position to enjoy with your partner. There are four options to scratch for each day, making seven days in total. Each partner can finish the one-week session and scratch again from the beginning discovering new positions to explore. It comes in different versions, one for each type of sexual orientation.

For Who: Male
Features: 4 Weeks Of Play
Brand: Various Toy Brands