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My Joy Collection


My Joy Edible Banana-Flavoured Novelty Undies for Men

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The My Joy Edible Banana-Flavoured Novelty Undies for Men from Peaches and Screams will blow his mind. Have him wear these incredible tasty banana flavored edible underwear while you tease and tantalize him out of them. And licking and sucking has never been more fun than tasting his banana briefs before his cock even enters your mouth. Incredibly fun and silly sex enhances and entices you and your partner bringing you closer together. Edible treats from Peaches and Screams come in many varieties. Edible underwear is fun and exciting. Give these as an incredibly fun novelty gift to your lover or to a friend. Edible undies for men make a great bachelor party favors for all of his guests. Edible undies for men are bold and sexy. With an incredible banana taste, he's sure going to love wearing these edible underwear but more than that, he will enjoy you taking them off with your teeth and your tongue. These incredible male edible undies will enhance your sex life improve your foreplay and create fun for both of you. Before you put his cock into your mouth nibble, lick, taste, and suck all around on these incredible male edible undies. Be sure to check out our entire line of edibles here at Peaches and Screams. Every order from Peaches and Screams will be delivered directly to your doorstep and discreet packaging. Mix and match from our incredible line of Edibles here at Peaches and Screams to create the finest party favors or the best novelty gifts or even the best toys to introduce to your lover in your own bedroom. Edible undies for men make for incredible foreplay, or maybe he can try them on after you're done so that you can arouse him again. Have fun. Be silly laugh, and smile a lot with your partner. The My Joy Edible Banana-Flavoured Novelty Undies for Men make all of that possible. Shop for the My Joy Edible Banana-Flavoured Novelty Undies for Men now!

The Male Edible Banana Flavoured Undies are a truly fun addition to your bedroom action. Generate your own foreplay game by wearing it. Imagine having your very own cherry flavoured edible underwear and having your partner lick them off of you!
Ideas on how to use this. For role-playing, you can pretend the Male Edible Banana Flavoured Undies underwear are not edible and have your partner force them off of you with their teeth licking, tasting, sucking, and chewing until they are either gone and eaten leaving you naked and ready or until they come off of you!


Edible underwear like the My Joy Edible Banana-Flavoured Novelty Undies for Men is totally fun and sweet. Adding edible underwear to your for play creates a layer of soft laughter giggles and sensual tantalizing teases. Keeping your partner turned on with your underwear still on will be enticing and sexy. Giving your partner something to lick and taste will create an incredibly hot mood between the two of you.

1) Before getting down and dirty with your choice of edible sex toy, it is important to read the ingredients first. This ensures you that you know what is inside your edible sex toy and choice.
2) If you have allergies or are prone to reactions, check the label of your toy.
3) If you are confused about whether the ingredients are safe for you to use and ingest, you can also consult your doctor if your choice of edible sex toy is safe for you to ingest.
4) Have fun!

Specifications of My Joy Edible Banana-Flavoured Novelty Undies for Men

For Who : Both
Brand : My Joy Collection


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