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Novelty Edible Anal Butt Milk Chocolates

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Your sweet tooth may have you craving some ass and you just are not in the presence of your partner or you may not have a partner at all. Just reach into your bag and whip out the Novelty Edible Anal Butt Milk Chocolates and start munching away. Made of milk chocolate and shaped like the irresistible anus, this will keep your mouth occupied and your mind running wild as you enjoy the chocolate, daydreaming about your boo. Parties do not have to be boring anymore, and with the inclination to have sweet things after having a bit too much, just throw a couple of these into a bowl and watch as people burst into laughter as they enjoy the great taste of chocolate ass. For those friends who have always dreamt of ass like groceries, break their virginity by gifting them this ass that is one of a kind, helping them with a way to start a great story about how they ate ass and liked it. The possibilities of incorporation of these treats are endless, from stag parties to swingers club, to hen parties and bedroom antics. Making the chocolate treats a part of your sexual sessions is a great way of using them. For those who dislike the taste of cum after giving a blowjob, just pop in the chocolate and find yourself swallowing some sweet post-blowjob saliva, making you enjoy the sessions even more. Moreover, the chocolate makes your lips taste great and your partner will definitely enjoy kissing you after the blowjob is done. 

Specifications of Novelty Edible Anal Butt Milk Chocolates

For Who : Both
Brand : Various Toy Brands