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Fifty Shades Of Grey


Fifty Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Metal Ben Wa Balls

Size Guide

Experience deliciously discreet internal stimulation with the Fifty Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Metal Ben Wa Balls, the most ideal way to prepare your body for what is coming, plus great kegel exercises, orgasmic anticipation and mind blowing stimulation. Secretly stimulating your G spot and providing substantial weight to heighten the experience, the Fifty Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Metal Ben Wa Balls are ideal for those who want to improve the tone of their pelvic muscles thanks to these advanced Fifty Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Metal Kegel Balls. Their weight is impressive, provoking an almost desperate need and desire for cock in the vagina. Smooth, solid metal has been used to create this weighty kegel exerciser. These Kegel balls are designed for those with a track record in kegel exercises and are seeking a new challenge. These pleasure balls offer a combined weight of 221 grams to maximise the effects of your vaginal rejuvenation and toning. Each of the balls has a slimline girth of just 3.75 inches in circumference, challenging even the most advanced kegel ball users. Initially designed to be worn lying down, your muscles tone with continued exercise so you can wear them anywhere, just like Ana. The balls are connected using a nylon cord that is attached to a large metal finger loop. The secure construction allows you to use these silver balls for anal play if desired, with the finger loop ensuring easy retrieval. Supplied with a Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag, Kegel exercises are easy to perform, simply clench your vagina around the balls as if you are trying to pull them deeper inside you then clench as tight as you can and hold for as long as you can, then release. Repeat this exercise consecutively for ten to fifteen times and ensure that you do your exercises two to three time a day. During your exercises, the silver balls will move against your G-spot, caressingly ‘attacking’ your insides in a ‘no-holds-barred’ stimulation causing you to tremble with excitement.

Specifications of Fifty Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Metal Ben Wa Balls

Length : 7 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Insertable : 1 to 5 inches
Diameter : 1.25 Inches
Width : 3.75 Inches
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Female
Brand : Fifty Shades Of Grey
Size : 7 Inches

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