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Rimba Stainless Steel Silver Ball Stretcher with Imbustool for Men

Size Guide

We would do anything to make sex feel better. I mean, sex is probably the best thing in the world, but we’re greedy. Who wouldn’t want to make sex feel better or just improve their sex life overall? Now, just how do you improve your sex life? How can you possibly make sex feel better? These are questions humans have been asking for hundreds of years. But now, we think we have an answer.

Cock rings are great for making sex feel even better than it already does. But how exactly do they do that? Well, cock rings restrict the blood from leaving your rock hard erection. So basically, blood is rushing to your penis, making it as hard as steel, and the cock ring doesn’t let the blood leave without a fight. This makes your erections harder, bigger and way more sensitive. You can see how this makes you feel better. But this isn’t just any cock ring, this one is also a ball divider, which prevents your balls from tightening and helps you last even longer. Just imagine the typical sensations that you feel when you’re making love and times that by 100. That is what you will feel when you’re wearing a cock ring. You also help your partner out too. Think about how he or she will feel when taking your new and bigger dick. You’ll have the orgasms of your life and so will they. This really is one of the best things you can do for each and every one of your sexual relationships.

This specific cock ring is one size fits all and 100% stainless steel. It does just what you imagine it would, but in style. The cold steel gives you a naughty yet luxurious feel. It adds a small element of taboo to your already fiery sexy life. Get yours now and change your life immediately. Let us know how it works for you, and tell us how much better things feel after you’ve used it a few times.

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Specifications of the Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher with Imbustool for Men

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Male
Brand : Rimba