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Durex Natural 24 Pack Thin Lubricated Condoms

Durex Natural 24 Pack Thin Lubricated Condoms take you back to a time when condoms served one purpose. You can pleasure your partner all on your own as well as be pleased with the thrusting grinding action the two of you create. Durex natural condoms were created simply for basic protection and comfortable positioning. Creating an exciting sex life is up to you and your partner when you were wearing Durex natural condoms. These condoms are thin and lubricated allowing both of you to have extreme pleasure. This 24-pack Durex Natural 24 Pack Thin Lubricated Condoms allow you to practice safe sex protecting you and your partner against sexually transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancies. Durex condoms are lubricated with a special lubricant to keep the smell of latex out of your bedroom. These condoms allow you and your partner to focus on one another and meeting all of your sexual needs wants and desires. Practice safe sex always. With Durex condoms from Peaches and Screams, you can have your condoms delivered and a discreet package right to your doorstep. Skip the lines and the neighbors at the local drugstore and have your condoms shipped directly to you. Always be prepared. Durex condoms fit perfectly in your purse or your wallet or even in your pocket. Guys and gals, be sure to always carry Durex condoms with you for an old-fashioned sexual experience. Be sure to have your 24-pack of Durex award-winning natural condoms available and on hand ready to go when you are. Durex Natural 24 Pack Thin Lubricated Condoms give you the responsibility of turning vanilla sex into something amazing. Natural condoms or designed for protection without the added unnecessary lubricants or texture. Thisgives you the ability to please your partner without the extras of other condoms. Shop for Durex Natural 24 Pack Thin Lubricated Condoms now!

Specifications of Durex Natural 24 Pack Thin Lubricated Condoms

For Who : Male
Brand : Durex Condoms