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Passion Lingerie


Passion Fabiana Lacy Red Teddy Playsuit

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Red is a color that is synonymous with extreme passion and a fiery personality. From hair to clothing and everything in between, red is likely to get the blood boiling and have the eyes visually attracted to its sight. The Passion Fabiana Lacy Red Teddy Playsuit makes the best of the color red to ensure that your partner is immediately enthralled by you. The lace material is light and easy to adorn, making even cleaning way easier. The material is a classic, mostly associated with sexy wear and sophisticated seduction. The intricate patterns on this lingerie piece make it even more appealing, offering a slight glimpse of the smooth skin underneath to ensure that your partner gets a little dose of visual teasing. The breasts are cupped delicately in the fabric with the shoulder straps being a bit thin. This gives the breasts the illusion of a bigger size while keeping them held at a position that keeps them comfortable. The bottom half of the lingerie is an opaque red French brief, designed to keep the crotch completely covered. The loose fit at the bottom makes the hips look curvier and a bit more seductive. The sway of the fabric with every step makes this design discreetly seductive as it ensures you get to mesmerize your partner through action as simple as just walking. Get your hands on this piece and get to enjoy the powerful seduction of color mixed in with the classic sophistication of material. 

Specifications of Passion Fabiana Lacy Red Teddy Playsuit

Washing : Hand wash
Colour : Red
For Who : Female
Brand : Passion Lingerie
Style : Body