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Rimba Sensual Black Open Crotch Catsuit With Keyhole Details

Give yourself a new look with this incredibly designed Sensual Black Open Crotch Catsuit Lingerie brought to help you seduce your lover differently yet.

Verbal seduction alone might not create enough orgasm. Unless you introduce something visible into your seduction, things may not work your way. Therefore, this powerful lingerie is designed to help you show off your sexy curves to your lover and give him cravings. The garment has an open crotchet that shows off your vagina seductively to attract your partner’s attention. Also, the crotchetallows him to access the vagina easily when the time for penetrating is right. This wonderful catsuit is open at the hip area to draw your man’s attention and create a romantic feeling.

The suit is made from a high-quality polyamide material to caress your body gently. It is black-colored to enhance relaxed and sexual senses leaving your partner with cravings. The lingerie wraps your sexy boobs perfectly and draws their frame seductively. What’s more, the suit has a bareback showing off your butts and exposing the keyhole ready to be ministered to by your hot-blooded man’s hard dick. Even though it comes in one size, it is stretchy enough to fit every woman sexually.

Washing: Hand wash
Colour: Black
Flexibility: Stretchy
For Who: Female
Features: Open Crotch
Material: Polyamide
Brand: Rimba