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Leather Penis Mouth Gag

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This an easy to use no frills leather penis mouth gag. But it does not make it just ordinary and run of the mill. The leather gag has a mini dildo attached to it. It has adjustable head straps so that your partner fits the penis gag snuggly. Since the whole point of the gag is to silence and pleasure yourself, why not add a dildo so you also get your oral fix on? And this exactly what our gag has done! The gag is made of leather and that hard penis is bound to make this black penis mouth gag enjoyable. Your partner has the ability to service you by being gagged while possibly watching you pleasure yourself as they suck on the dildo firmly in their mouth. They will be completely at your will unable to talk but able to show you just how hot you make them feel. Their hands are free and can wonder to regions that beckon them. If you have had enough of the self play, then you both can turn things up and proceed to some hot penetrative sex.Add some of the array of paddles and whips we have in store and have your partner panting in joy. The simplistic nature of the leather penis mouth gag allows you room to play around with other sexual toys and positions. This leather gag will give you numerous sexual options and will allow you to freshen up your sex every time you put it to task. At a very competitive price, this leather gag with a dildo is almost a steal. You will unwrap this gift many times and you will never know what treat it will inspire. Go on pleasure is only a few clicks away!

Specifications of Leather Penis Mouth Gag

Fastening : Buckle
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Features : Rubber gag
Brand : Rimba
Size : One Size