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3x 80g Set of Chrome Ball Weights

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How nasty is your sex life? You can make it wilder, you know. How? Well, how about add some weights to your already tingly cock rings and torture cages? Think of how intense your orgasms already are, now imagine if that were amplified by about 1,000%. How does that sound?

Allow us to introduce you to the 3x 80g Set of Chrome Ball Weights - the latest addition to Peaches and Screams Cockrings Collection. These little chrome balls are small, but they make a big difference. They can be the thing that takes you from your mediocre orgasms to something so mind-numbing that you can hardly remember your name when it’s all over. These little silver balls are sure to hold you captive and under control, which we all know is what you want. Add on to the pressure of your favorite ball cage and feel that constant and ever stimulation stretch on your balls while the love of your life does the rest. This may seem trivial, but this actually changes a lot. Clip these on and truly live out your fantasies. Cock rings and ball rings already give you harder and longer lasting erections, we know this, but now think about how much harder you’ll be when you add a few of these 8 ounce silver balls. Can you actually get BIGGER? Can you last EVEN LONGER once you put these on? Yes! Now, you’ll have to work extra hard and pump extra fast to reach orgasm, but if you’re up for it we high suggest you give these a try. Because once you reach that orgasm you will truly feel some of the most powerful sensations you’ve ever felt. Plus, your partner is sure to thank you. Do you think they’d be glad to see a bigger, longer lasting version of you? Of course they will. Get a few of these chrome ball weights and let us know how much you love them.

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Specifications of the 3x 80g Set of Chrome Ball Weights

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Male
Brand : Various Toy Brands