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S8 Original Water Based Lube 50ml


The finest Water-based Original Lubricant by S8 is an accurate combination with buyers who are searching for a body stable, standard high-quality lube. This amazing, extended enduring soft, and polished process by S8. Our Water-based lubricants are also precise for usage assuming you are searching to give rise to stuff even extra physical.


Our S8 Original Water Based Lube is phthalate-free gluten-free, parable-free, sulfate-free, and also includes no enhanced colors or grating conservatives for a compelling voluntary interest. With pharmaceutical appraise acquiescence, the S8 Original Water Based Lube 50ml as well as attaches to all recent EU restrictions considering private maintenance merchandises and gives rise to a reliable, aggressive valued and translucent reserves to others. The stirring bouquet assists stimulate and engross with an odor occurrence. Our S8 Water-based lube is favorable but oil-based merchandise can harm and contaminate them so you will check before stirring them.

There are some of the finest benefits of Original Water Based Lube 50ml.

Understand the intention of a private Original Water Based Lubricant 50ml that realizes and functions like the substantial stuff.

  • Comprehend the skin nutrition and hydration consequences.
  • Dedicate the scarcity of everything that brawn intervene with your private fitness or satisfaction
  • Thrill in consecrating your body with the smooth feel of silk.
  • Realize the announcement from suspicion about artificial elements.
  • Moderate in the confidence that you are admiring your body.
  • Completely well or highly researched, authority developed with unique, beneficial, and verified biological elements.
Lube Type: Water Based
Liquid Volume: 50
For Who: Both
Features: Gluten Free
Brand: Various Drug Stores