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Rouge Garments


Rouge Garments Unisex Sexy Black Vampire Gloves

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Pain is a great sexual weapon that aims for your body’s natural high. Once the brain registers the pain, the painkiller hormones are released giving your partner a euphoric feeling. Spanking is a great way to get this high going but it falls short on the pain scale, making it inefficient for the hardcore play your partner requires. If canes and paddles are not in the list of toys you would like to use, take a hold of the Rouge Garments Unisex Sexy Black Vampire Gloves. These are specially designed to ensure that the spank has an extra power to it, giving your behind the sharp twinges that it has been craving during playtime. The palm and fingers of the gloves are lined with tiny spikes, making them the point of contact when that powerful slap lands on your ass. The spikes provide multiple points of directed impact, making your body feel tiny pressure points and a tingling sensation originating from so many points at once. The gloves are great for travel as they can comfortably fit in a suitcase and you do not have to spend time explaining them away as you would have to if you had a cane instead. Controlling the pain level is also easy with the gloves as your hand movement is directly correlated to the amount of pressure exerted, Enjoy the joys of this simple but great BDSM accessory that is bound to give you the pain you crave in the most convenient and comfortable way imaginable.

Specifications of the Rouge Garments Unisex Sexy Black Vampire Gloves

Colour : Black
For Who : Both
Brand : Rouge Garments