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Joy Division


Soft Tampons Mini 10pcs Sex And Sport Tampons Stringless

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For the ladies, a tampon is a usual term since it is a necessity that is required almost every month. This Soft Tampon is an improvement of the original one, it is such an ideal tool to keep you hygienically clean during the monthly periods. The absorption is assured and complete without leakage; this ensures you are not distracted from daily activities, go on with whatever you want to do without worry.  The item is stringless making it neater; a careful insertion will not cause any alarm. Have this skin-friendly soft material and be assured of safe use and keep the vibrant nature going without disturbance. Do you wish to have the bedroom game yet you fear the mess it may cause? This is the item for you; give your partner a pleasurable moment even when in menstruation. Take away all the hygienic concerns and enjoy your moments nonstop by acquiring this incredible piece of a tampon. Its design is perfect for insertion and brings about an ergonomic shape that fits well with the vagina. The material makes it bendable due to its flexibility; this enables the user when inserting the tampon. The testimony from users is in agreement with the experts' say on this amazing product. It has been tested and recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Get this lovely and useful pink product from the Joy Division brands at the UK's best Sex store, the Peaches and Screams, and get the item delivered to you on time and discretely. 
  • Colour: Pink
  • Flexibility: Bendable
  • For Who: Female
  • Brand: Joy Division