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Tenga Stretchy Disposable Wavy Egg Male Masturbator

Size Guide

The Tenga Stretchy Disposable Wavy Egg Male Masturbator is a powerhouse of intense toe-curling stimulations, the super-tactile ribbed sleeve delivers powerful stimulations, and features an inner wall with multiple layers of soft rippled waves carefully designed to caress, and stroke you nonstop to an explosive release. There is absolutely no need for you to pile up the sexual tensions and urges of your lonely moments, the revolutionary Tenga Stretchy Disposable Wavy Egg Male Masturbator is designed as a small-sized but stretchy artificial pussy to help you deal with those inevitable horny moments by yourself. It is not just a brilliant device that helps men to stay faithful; it’s also an amazing tool for couples to use in revving up their bedroom games. The inside of the Tenga Stretchy Disposable Wavy Egg Male Masturbator is very soft and flexible, the fuck-hole is very tight and grippy, and you’ll be surprised at its lightweight. The TPE material used to create this egg is of very high quality; it’s also very stretchy and easily retains its original size and shape even after it has been pulled and twisted in various directions. However, be sure not to overstretch or poke the sleeve with your nails or sharp object. Use the included lubricant to completely immerse the elastomer surface, and remember to pinch the tip just a little in the same manner you would pinch a condom, then; insert your dick into the hole and stretch to envelop your entire manhood, the stretchy masturbator can stretch to up to 12 inches in length and 8 inches in girth. Its petite size makes it the ideal travelling companion, while the discreet design keeps its naughty secret away from non-initiates, you can even leave it on your coffee table and no one would recognize it. This Japanese cock stroker is made from delicate material and is designed for one-time use; but with careful handling and plenty of lube, your Tenga egg will serve you many times instead of just once. Shop for the Tenga Stretchy Disposable Wavy Egg Male Masturbator now!

Specifications of the Tenga Stretchy Disposable Wavy Egg Male Masturbator

Length : 2.5 Inches
Lube Type : Water Based
Colour : White
Flexibility : Very
For Who : Male
Brand : Tenga
Size : 2.5 Inches