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Adjustable Double Leather Brief Thong with Penis Hold and Enlarger

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Your sex life is a special one. You leave every partner begging for more and you always deliver. You love how things are going, sure, but are you satisfied? Are there ways you can improve? This here is a double leather brief with a built in penis hold. We think you may be interested in something like this because it seems like it suits you completely. Strap this thing on and lock yourself in because you already know how much you need it. Think about it. You’re a powerful man. You’re like a bull and you become a complete animal during sex. Don’t you think some restraint will do you some good? You’re too big and too strong to be fucking without one. And don’t worry, this won’t get in the way of things or make you less effective. It can actually make things feel way better than ever before. The brief is made up of the thickest piece of genuine leather that you can smell as soon as you take it out of the box. The black leather conforms nicely to your body and adds an element of taboo and perhaps even recklessness. Put this on and feel like the beast that you are. The design itself is kinky and aesthetically pleasing. The genuine black leather contrast nicely with the silver studs and belt buckles, making this a turn on for both parties as soon as you strap it on. Once you have it on correctly you’ll contained, yet free to get the job done. Why? Because your cock is still free to roam around and do what it needs to do. This is the perfect of restraint and freedom that is so difficult to find. Feel that squeeze of that black leather and watch how it forces your penis to engorge with blood. You’ll be hornier once you put this on, but you’ll also be a little bit bigger. So aside from the psychological component of wearing one of these, which will already provide you with added pleasure as well as improved performance, you will also be larger and thicker. Get yourself into one of these and blow your lover away with the best sex of their life. And make sure to come back to let us know how much you loved being wrapped in this leather and silver. We’d love to hear all about it. Shop for Adjustable Double Leather Brief Thong with Penis Hold and Enlarger now!

Specifications of Adjustable Double Leather Brief Thong with Penis Hold and Enlarger

Washing : Hot soapy water
Colour : Black
For Who : Male
Brand : Rimba