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Silicone Screw Dilator Urethral Set

Size Guide

Silicone screw dilators from Peaches and Screams are suitable for beginners and professionals who want to have pleasurable sex. It is made with flexible, hypoallergenic, and silicone materials, ensuring maximum safety and comfort during sex. It is a urethra dilator, which is a masturbation sex toy for men. It is a new line of sex toys for those who want to explore the urethral. These smooth probes deliver the best pleasure. The urethra has ultra-sensitive nerve endings, which can be pleasurable where there is stimulation. It has a set of three screws that have smooth pointed tips for easy and safe insertion.

It has a flat rounded head that allows for easy extraction. It is made from phthalate-free silicone screws, and it comes in different lengths. It is a urethral sex toy for men. The best way to massage the prostate is through deep urethral foreplay. For safer use, clean with alcohol ow wash with warm soapy water. For more pleasurable sex, use it with lube. After cleaning, store it in a dry and well-ventilated place. Use with a sterile water-based lubricant and insert slowly for maximum pleasure. It has stimulating grooves with a large head. Peaches and Screams allows the delivery of the product in a privacy package. It is easy to use as a novice, and experienced players can use it. It can be used as a urethral dilator or other creative forms. It comes with a waterproof design and ensures the safety and pleasure of the man.

Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour: Black
Flexibility: Bendable
For Who: Male
Material: Silicone
Brand: You2Toys